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We appreciate your help in growing our business through your referrals. Here in Creation Builders Inc, good deeds are never left unnoticed so we have created a referral program for you. If you refer a friend, a neighbour, or a workmate for a consultation and that if that consultation leads to a successfully completed project, we will give you an instant and hot Up to $500.00 straight into your pocket. Who said that you’re limited to one referral only? Refer as many as you can. Announce it on your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest account. How many connections do you have in Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest? Imagine if you could refer some of those and we get to close a deal with them.

So, you are worried that you have to be a Creation Builders Inc’s customer first to be entitled for this referral program? Absolutely not! Anyone can take advantage of this Up to $500.00 referral bonus. Be partnered with your siblings, friends, or workmates so you can gather or reach a larger group to be invited for a consultation with us.

Your feedbacks are one of the many ways for us to get even better on our services. For your comments or suggestions regarding our referral incentive program, please call us at 1-800-358-6172 or send an email to

You may reach us through our ‘Contact Form.’ Bookmark our website,, so you don’t miss out important announcements and details of our services.

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