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All types of Flooring Installations by Creation Builders.

With over 10 years of Construction, Renovation, Handyman Services and other experiences, we provide full Flooring Installation for all our beloved clients in Toronto and GTA.

Creation Builders is a reliable, responsible, insured and experienced company in Toronto and GTA.

Hardwood Installers
Toronto Hardwood Installation

Hardwood Installers

Our Hardwood Installers are experienced and insured. We provide top Hardwood Installation services such as Glue Down , Nail Down and Floating .

 We are working with multiple brands such as Downs, Inhabit, Spotlight, FloorCraft and many other brands.

Laminate Installers

Click Lock Tongue and Grove type of 3mm , 8mm and 12 mm Laminates.

We are providing laminate installation services for AquaGuard, Pergo , Mohawk, Traffic Master, Tosca and other brands.

Engineered Hardwood Floor Installers

Glue , Nail Down and Tongue and Grove Lock System Engineering Hardwood Installation.

We are working with multiple brands such as Lauzon , Mercier, Preverco and Mirage and other brands

Common Challenges and Concerns with Hardwood Floors

Investing in hardwood flooring can significantly enhance the value and aesthetic appeal of your home. With proper care, hardwood floors can endure for generations, undergoing multiple sanding and refinishing processes. Nonetheless, despite their numerous benefits, hardwood floors can encounter issues due to environmental factors, wear and tear, or improper installations. Here are several common problems you may encounter with your hardwood floors:

Gaps Between Floorboards :

Changes in temperature and humidity levels can cause hardwood floors to expand and contract, resulting in gaps between floorboards. While some gapping is normal, larger gaps can pose an issue.

Solution: Maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels in your home. For persistent large gaps, consider reinstalling or replacing the floorboards.


Cupping occurs when the edges of floorboards rise higher than their centers, forming a concave shape. Excessive moisture or humidity in the environment often causes this issue.

Solution: Identify and address the underlying moisture issue. Once resolved, allow the wood to dry and acclimate before sanding and refinishing the affected boards. In severe cases, replacement may be necessary.


Warping, also known as buckling, occurs when floorboards lift off the subfloor. Prolonged exposure to water/moisture or improper installation typically causes this severe damage.

Solution: Address the moisture issue and allow the floor to dry. In most cases, replace the affected boards and reinforce the subfloor for proper support.

Scratches, Dents, and Fading:

Everyday use, furniture movement, and sunlight exposure can cause scratches, dents, and fading on hardwood floors.

Solution: Use touch-up pens or wood fillers for scratches, steam iron for shallow dents, and UV-protective window treatments for fading. Deeper scratches or dents may require sanding, filling, and refinishing.

Squeaking or Creaking :

Hardwood floors may develop squeaking or creaking noises over time due to subfloor issues or movement between floorboards.


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