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What Type of Mud or Plaster to use?

Choosing the Right Drywall Mud for Your Project

When you stroll down the aisles of your local hardware store or big box home improvement retailer like Home Depot® or Lowes®, you might find yourself staring at shelves filled with different types of drywall mud. It can be overwhelming to decipher which one to pick for your project. Are they all the same, or should you use a specific type for certain applications? Let’s break it down into two main categories and explore the options within each.

all purpose mud drywall compound



Quick Set Drywall Mud – “Hot Mud”

Quick set drywall mud, often referred to as “hot mud,” comes in powdered form, typically in plastic-lined paper bags to keep moisture out and maintain freshness. It’s crucial to keep the powdered mud dry because once it encounters water, it initiates an irreversible chemical reaction that causes it to harden.

easy sand drywall mud
easy sand drywall patch finishing mud


One notable aspect of hot mud is its set time, which varies depending on the product. It’s sold in packages labeled with set times like 5-minute, 20-minute, 45-minute, or 90-minute, indicating how long it takes to harden once mixed with water. However, the actual working time is usually less than the labeled time, and factors like temperature and humidity can affect it.

Hot mud doesn’t dry like traditional compounds; instead, it hardens through a chemical reaction. It’s essential to wait until it turns completely white before applying additional coats or painting over it.

Hot mud is favored for small patch jobs where waiting 24 hours between coats isn’t ideal and for bedding-in mesh drywall tape on larger projects. Many professionals believe it provides a stronger base coat, especially when using mesh tape.

Fast setting drywall compound mud 20 min
Fast setting drywall compound mud 20



Pre-Mixed Drywall Mud

The other main category is pre-mixed drywall mud, available in buckets or boxes containing a plastic bag of mud. This type is ready to use and typically needs to be thinned with water before application, with the consistency varying based on the intended use.

The three most common types of pre-mixed mud are “all-purpose,” “lightweight all-purpose,” and “topping.” All-purpose mud is suitable for various applications but may be challenging to sand, while lightweight all-purpose mud is lighter in weight and easier to sand, making it ideal for finishing coats. Topping compound is primarily used for the final coat, providing a smooth finish.

Choosing the Right Compound

When it comes to selecting drywall compound, there are a few considerations. Quick-set compound is excellent for professionals who need multiple coats in a single day or for quick patch jobs. All-purpose compound is versatile but may not be as strong for taping and corner finishing. Lightweight all-purpose compound is easier to sand, making it suitable for finishing coats. Taping compound is tough and hardens quickly, ideal for taping drywall joints, while topping compound provides a smooth finish.

Additionally, you might encounter dry or pre-mixed options. Dry compound allows you to mix the perfect consistency as needed and can be stored for future use, while pre-mixed compound saves time but may not dry as quickly and can’t be stored once mixed.

In conclusion, understanding the different types of drywall mud and their applications can help you choose the right one for your project. While each type has its advantages and considerations, consulting with professionals or following manufacturer recommendations can ensure successful results.

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